International Buddhist Studies  

Philosophy ingrained in Buddhist thoughts is perpetual and pragmatic in nature. In today’s context, at the global level, researchers and academicians are working seriously to explore gems of Buddhist wisdom and learning. A deep understanding and research driven study can enable the modern society to lead content, peaceful and happy life. The citizens of the world appear to have great faith and optimism towards the Buddhist Philosophy and thinkers as they find succor and solutions of their mundane life’s problems. Hence, it is quite relevant to delve into the ocean of knowledge pertaining to Buddhist Studies so to attain this very set objective, the University has set the School of International Buddhist Studies. This school is quite unique in its nature, objectives and functions as this will offer a suitable platform to the knowledge seekers from around the world to share, discuss and interact with others on the multifaceted issues related to Buddhism. This school will work in holistic manner as it encompasses both the major sects of Buddhism viz Mahayana and Theravada as part of its research and academic endeavours. Through the higher plane of Mahayana and Theravada, the emphasis will be laid to assimilate enlightened philosophy and pursue comparative research and study.


From the Academic Session 2016-17, the University is launching P.G. (M.A. in Buddhist Studies), M. Phil. and Ph. D. Programmes along with PG Diploma and Certificate Courses in Pali Language and Literature. The course shall allow students in specialized domains of International Buddhist Studies, along with quest for personal growth. Subsequently, the courses and programmes of this School would provide an opportunity to extend the knowledge and practices with a view to promote healthy interface between academics and society