Objectives of University  

The objectives of the University are to promote study and research in Buddhist and Indic Studies including the principles of Dhamma, a foundational tenet of Indian culture and to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas and foster harmony amongst different civilizations of the world. For attainment of these objectives the University
shall :—


I. Impart education in Buddhist teachings, contemporary philosophy, traditions and practice.


II. Promote interaction amongst countries of Asia bound by strong historical commonalities of knowledge in areas such as religion, philosophy and culture .


III. Contribute to the promotion of world peace and harmony by bringing together cultures and civilizations of Asia.


IV. Contribute to the improvement of the educational system in India by providing new perspectives on alternative systems of education.


V. Provide education and training in relevant arts, crafts and skills of Asia.


VI. To achieve the above, create a partnership amongst the scholars and academics of Asia and the world.