Perspective Plan  

Sanchi University is looking forward to provide strong foundations to its students such that they develop a strong ethical & moral fiber (charitra-nirman) as the primary thing, along with deep knowledge base (vidvatta) so that they could contribute towards nation building (rashtra-nirman).


The University is established to revive the old glory of Sanchi on the lines of great traditional knowledge system of Nalanda and Takshila so as to promote quality research, scholarly discussion and pragmatic knowledge in order to facilitate common man. The University  is committed to encourage the students, researchers and scholars to provide a platform for mutual interaction and fostering harmony amidst different civilizations of the world so as to develop itself as an International University where scholars across the globe can interact with each other and exchange teaching and research programmes.


From the Academic Session, 2016-17, the University has launched Ph. D, M.Phil & PG Programmes based on research and innovation in the specified areas of studies i.e. Buddhist Studies, Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit Language, etc. One year certificate course of Chinese Language has also been started. Along with this, the University is also working on organizing short term programmes/workshops/seminars based on the subjects related to mundane life and philosophy as well.

The University is all set to begin an Alternative School of its own kind probably first in India focusing on methods of learning and pursuing research on the experiments being attempted in the arena of Alternative Learning and similarly the University is in the process to establish a Centre for Integrated Healing which will work in the integration of existing health models like conventional medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Unani, Tibetan medicine, Reiki etc.

The University will also promote translations of original texts, commentaries, language and culture, works in the field of the philosophical basis of language, dialects, proverbs and quotations. The University proposes to establish Centre on Strategic Studies with an orientation in policy analysis, Centre of Arts and Crafts, Centre of Classical Civilization Studies, and Centre of Futurology and Futuristic Studies.  A library of Buddhist and Indian knowledge and culture is already established with a well stocked collection of more than 5000 books.

We hope that the University will able to carve a niche in enhancing quality research and develop a deep understanding in the domain of Buddhist-Indic Philosophy, Language, Art, Culture and Religion.