Power of Academic Council



 Subject to the provisions of this Act and the Statutes, Ordinances and   regulations made thereunder, the Academic Council shall,  in addition to all other powers vested in it, have the following   powers, namelyt -


 (i) to report on any matter referred ordelegated to it by the General Council or the Executive Council;


 (ii) to make recommendations to the Executive Council with regard to the creation, abolition or classification of teaching posts in       the University and the qualifications, emoluments and duties attached thereto;


 (iii) to formulate and modify or revise schemes for organisation of the faculties and to assign to such faculties their respective         subjects and also to report to the Executive Council as the expediency of the abolition or sub-division of any faculty or the         combination of one faculty with another;


 (iv) to make arrangements through regulations for the instruction and examination of persons other than those enrolled in the         University;


 (v) to promote research within the University and to require, from time to time, report on such research;


 (vi) to consider proposals submitted by the faculties;


 (vii) to appoint committees for admission to the University;


 (viii) to recognize diplomas and degrees of other Universities and institutions and to determine their equivalence in relation to           the diplomas and degrees of the University;


 (ix) to fix, subject to any conditions accepted by the General Council, the time, mode and conditions of competitions for        fellowships, scholarships and other prizes and to award the same;


 (x) to make recommendations to the Executive Council in regard to the appointment of examiners and if necessary their        removal and the fixation of their fees, emoluments, and traveling and other expenses;


 (xi) to declare the result of the various examinations or to appoint committees or officers to do so, and to make        recommendations regarding the conferment of degrees, honours, diplomas, titles and marks of honour;


 (xii) to award stipends, scholarships, medals and prizes, and to make other awards in accordance with the Ordinances and such         other conditions as may be attached to the awards;


 (xiii) to publish list of prescribed or recommended text books and to publish syllabus of the prescribed courses of study;


 (xiv) to prepare such forms and registers as are, from time to time, prescribed by regulations; and


 (xv) to perform, in relation to academic matters, all such duties and to do all such acts as may be necessary for the proper         carrying out of the provisions of this Act and the Statutes, Ordinances and regulations made thereunder;


 (xvi) to exercise'such other powers and to perform such other duties as may be conferred or imposed on it by or under this Act.



 Academic Council Meeting Gallery