Sanatana Dharam & Indic Studies  

India is known for philosophical achievements, especially for its age old tradition of Sanatana Dharma. This holds a very prominent place in the life and society. The kernel of Santana Dharma largely looms upon the welfare of mankind. The philosophy of the Sanatana Dharma has not been only source of influence for Eastern world but also for Westerners as it offers a vast ocean of knowledge and learning for everyone to lead a sublime life which is embedded with enduring thoughts, high level of satisfaction, simplicity, tranquility, scope for self-realization, renunciation, Non-violence, truth and honesty.


The field of Sanatna Dharma is meant to be explored by researchers and academicians in order to find hidden treasure encompasses in its eternal scriptures, texts, literature and thoughts propounded by great thinkers and philosophers. In the contemporary world, the thoughts and philosophy contained in Sanatana Dharma can lead the civilization to work for the betterment of society and enable any individual to achieve personal growth in a holistic manner. Understanding the philosophical thoughts requires a systematic study, deep understanding and a high level of research.


The one of the main objectives of the University is to invite knowledge & wisdom from all ten directions and provide a suitable platform to the scholars and researchers for healthy interaction among Asian countries and facilitate cross pollination of ideas & foster harmony among different civilizations of the world. To cater to this very objective, this School will move forward in current paradigm adding value to all aspects of knowledge, practice and wisdom for the benefit of everyone and promote its academic and research activities in the vibrant domain of Sanatana Dharma and Indic Studies. This School has three emerging centres, known as: Centre for Alternative Learning, Centre for Integrated Healing and Centre for Social and Natural Sciences.


Under the Centre for Alternative Learning, the University is all set to begin an Alternative School of its own kind probably first in India focusing on methods of learning and pursuing research on the experiments being attempted in the arena of Alternative Learning and similarly, the University is in the process to establish a Centre for Integrated Healing which will work in the integration of existing health models like conventional, contemporary and alternative medicines like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Unani, Tibetan medicine, Reiki etc.


From the Academic Session, 2016-17, the University has proposed to begin PG (M. A. in Indian Philosophy), M. Phil and Ph. D Programmes along with Short Term Certificate Courses in the allied areas. MA in Yoga and Holistic Health, Ph.D/M.Phil, PG diploma along with Short term Certificate Courses are also proposed by the School.