This University is meant to address the global issues & shall generally cover educationalists, academicians, philosophers, researchers, practitioners from all over the world, but shall primarily focus on Asian countries - the land of genesis & spread of Buddhist-Indic culture. All aspects of Buddhist-Indic Studies from philosophy to culture; from economics to governance shall be addressed in totality. It shall invite knowledge & wisdom from all ten directions; shall realise, redeem, research, refine and refurbish it further to disseminate in all spheres of life and contribute to the efforts in making ‘Mother Earth’ a better place to live in. This shall also contribute to the interaction among Asian countries and facilitate cross pollination of ideas & foster harmony among different Asian civilizations. It shall also promote the preservation & conservation of valuable physical assets, manuscripts; promote documentation, translation, co-ordination & interaction among different approaches. The university is commited to work on the known & unknown dimensions of knowledge, academics, art, literature, culture, skills related to ‘Dhamma-Dharma’ which has descended under the guidance of great masters.


The University shall evolve itself to pick up the fine signals, philosophical nuances and minuscule conceptual possibilities, concretize them and ensure positive and constructive support & opportunity to establish and flourish. The University shall work with a clear mandate & strong will to discover, understand & establish the principles & philosophies of activities, communication, interactions related to alternate educational systems.


Sanchi University shall endeavor to synthesize the ancient systems with the current needs; re-establish the knowledge catering to present day issues. We expect to revive the old glory of Nalanda, Taxila, Vallabhi, Vikramshila& move forward in current paradigm adding value to all aspects of knowledge, practice & wisdom for the benefit of everyone.